What is a Flower Bomb?

The Flower Bomb is a 4 inch ceramic vase, with a powerful magnet formed into its side. Decorated with wearable jewelry, just add a few fresh flowers and place it for your valentine to find in an unexpected location.

Once they stumble across the Flower Bomb, it’s guaranteed they will love this cute thoughtful surprise. Try something different this year, something unique.

It's time to get Creative.

Pick your Flower Bomb color green, blue, or white. Now get a few flowers and trim them short enough to nicely display out of the vase. Extra points if you use your valentine’s favorite flower and or color If you really want to take it to the next level, write a sweet note, roll it up and place it inside the vase with the flowers.

The strong magnet will stick to any metal surface magnets typically stick to. Be creative and stick it somewhere unexpected, like a car door or fridge. Get a few and place multiple throughout the day. Your imagination will have to take over from here


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